Introducing Photonics, Laser, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Thecnologies Development Council:

Based on estimates, in 2017 the world market value of the photonics was over $ 500 billion. According to official EU statistics, It has created employment for 300,000 in about 5,000 small and medium companies. According to World Bank statistics, the value increase rate of the photonics industry is more than the average global GDP rate.
Photonics applications are widespread, including in communications, industrial design, manufacturing, medicine, energy, education and research, etc.

In different countries, advanced materials are the key to technology development and wealth creation. Advanced materials technology includes metals, ceramics, polymers, and advanced composites and their manufacturing processes. The development of most advanced technologies such as aerospace, renewable energy, microelectronics, biotechnology, etc., depends on the availability of advanced materials and related technologies. Investing in advanced technology, especially in photonics and materials in the country, requires large amounts of fixed capital as well as technology transfer.

with efforts of the vice presidency for Science and Technology affairs in February 2015 and June 2016, the two headquarters for the development of "laser, photonic and micron structures" and "advanced materials and manufacturing technologies"  were formed.

These two headquarters, in accordance with the available resources and by creating different working groups, made great efforts to carry out six missions in related specialized areas.

By adopting the new policies of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, the two council merged in 2018.