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Coarse grain refinement resulting from deformation heterogeneity induced for the mixed-grain structure of 316LN steel through limited deformation condition


steel through limited deformation condition recently the deformation heterogeneity of 316LN steel with mixed-grain structures were examined experimentally, which showed that the MCGs were more affected to deform than fine grains even if MCGs are with hard...

Improved Thermo-mechanical Processing of Steels


steels was examined, focusing on the advancement of physical metallurgy about microstructural evolution and processing technology. Currently, modification of thermo-mechanical processing (TMP) or thermo-mechanically controlled processing...

Investigation of the wear manner of PVD coated tools on milling exploitations of pre-hardened tool steel


steel In a current research study, the wear manner of several PVD coated tools with several geometries was examined, in the milling of pre-hardened tool steel. Coatings usually play a significant role in terms of machining tool manner and...

Investigation the effect of the retained austenite phase in the case-hardened steels on the crater wears of the PcBN tools


steels on the crater wears of the PcBN tools Recently, a research is done in the field of the hard-turning process in case-hardened steels to the automotive industry and the fabrication of transmission components. In this study, the influence of the...

Analyzing natural radioactive material by Progress of a reference material from the steel industry


steel industry Analyzing natural radioactive material by Progress of a reference material from the steel industry Prevalent access of reference materials for natural radioactive material has been developed upon. As recent studies show, for...

A new waste-to-resource pathway for production of biomethane from steel-making slag


steel-making slag In fact, the CO2 capture capacity of an alkaline liquor derived from the release of calcium from the steel-making slag is comparable to that of the commercial adsorbent monoethanolamine. Although only 5% of Ca in the steel-making slag...